Nico Rosberg has opened up about his relationship with Lewis Hamilton, stating that "we were very good friends in the past” before adding that the pair are “not at that point yet” when asked about resurrecting that relationship. - Daily Express

Formula One CEO Chase Carey believes that the return of the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort is guaranteed to be popular due to Max Verstappen and the amount of Dutch fans that "travel to races like Barcelona”. - Speed Week

Jacques Villeneuve has hit out again at Lance Stroll, this time stating that he would need a slower teammate in order to “find a way to go faster”. - Planet F1

Honda believe that there is ‘room’ to negotiate with Liberty Media regarding the future of engine regulations. Boss Yusuke Hasegawa stated that Honda are “trying to find a good solution”. - Sportsmole

Lewis Hamilton has said that he is happier at this point in his career that when he first entered Formula 1. After claiming his fourth drivers’ title, Hamilton revealed that he “was only using 10%” of his potential when he started a decade ago. - Sportsmole

Michael Schumacher’s F2001 has been sold for $7,504,000, a record fee for a modern Formula 1 vehicle sold at auction. The car includes the chassis with which Schumacher won his final Monaco Grand Prix. - Planet F1

Kevin Magnussen has recently been referred to as the ‘bad boy’ of Formula 1, but the Danish driver has stated that he ignores the talk surrounding him as he doesn’t “care what people say”. He went on the add “one thing I stopped a while ago is looking at social media”. - F1 Fansite