2018 marks a number of significant anniversaries for McLaren in Formula 1. It is 10 years since its last F1 world championship victory, courtesy of Lewis Hamilton in 2008, 20 years since Mika Hakkinen's famous title win in 1998, and half a century since its first victory at the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix, won by Bruce McLaren.

But it is also 30 years since arguably the greatest qualifying performance in F1 history when Ayrton Senna stuck his McLaren MP4/4 on pole position, finishing more than 1.5 seconds clear of teammate and fierce rival Alain Prost with a display that cemented his position as the master of Monaco.

While it is recognised as being one of F1's all-time great laps, there is not actually any footage of it available. Most of the clips referring to the display are either from the race, or from qualifying in 1989.

So thanks to the power of eSports and using Codemaster's F1 2017 game, McLaren honoured 30 years since Senna's display by recreating the greatest lap you will have never seen, with a little help from iconic F1 voice Murray Walker.