- Lewis Hamilton has reached out to Max Verstappen to discuss their controversial British Grand Prix collision, according to Ziggo pitlane reporter Jack Plooij.

Asked if Hamilton had reached out to Verstappen, Plooij, who was speaking as a guest on the F1 Nation Podcast, replied: “Yes, as far as I heard, he phoned him.

“The hardest issue on that Sunday was that Lewis was celebrating and Max was in the hospital. That hurt the Verstappen’s too much. Lewis was in front of me and I said ‘you know Max is in the hospital’ and then he looked to his left where Rosa  [press officer] was standing and I had a little bit of a sense that maybe Lewis wasn’t exactly informed of how the situation was in that moment.

“I don’t know for sure, but that makes sense. Lewis is not the kind of guy to do this, but the people blame him. That’s not the guy I know.”

Speaking about Verstappen’s view of the reaction to the crash, Plooij added: “Max is not impressed by all the stuff surrounding it. He only wants to beat Lewis fair and square on track. He has nothing to do with all these people who are shouting all these other things. He doesn‘t want to do any of that.

“I cannot speak for Lewis, but I know that Max is going to be acting normal, like he always does. He doesn’t change. He’s more motivated, because of the loss of points, but he’s not motivated by the crash itself. He’s not a revenge type. He only wants to beat Lewis in Hungary.”

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