Perez won Sunday’s F1 Monaco Grand Prix from Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz and Verstappen, who took third ahead of championship rival Charles Leclerc

But Red Bull team principal Christian Horner confirmed after the race that Ferrari had protested both of his drivers for appearing to cross the line at the exit of the pitlane following their stops. 

Verstappen’s incident was seen on the world TV feed, with the Dutchman losing control of his Red Bull and swerving towards the yellow line at pit exit, though it was not clear whether his wheels had gone over the line. 

There was no footage of the incident relating to Perez, though it was noted by the stewards during the race. Neither incidents were investigated at the time. 

“As Ferrari we are disappointed because we think there was a clear breach of regulations on the two Red Bulls for going on the yellow line exiting the pits,” Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto told Sky Sports F1.

“I think it was not close. He was on the line and if you look at the sporting code, the wording says crossing. 

“Then we had a clarification at Turkey in 2020 to avoid any discussions and if you look at the race driver notes, it says staying to the right - so staying on the line is breaching the race director notes. 

“I think that each single team has the task to follow the race directors’ notes. It is clear and we are seeking clarification with the FIA.” 

Why the protest was rejected at F1 Monaco GP

"Having considered the various statements made by the parties, and having reviewed the case of
Car 18 in the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, which involved a similar situation to this, the Stewards
determine the following:

1. Article 2.1 of the 2022 Formula One Sporting Regulations provides that “All...officials..undertake to observe all the provisions of ...the Code, .....the Formula One Sporting Regulations...”.
2. This places an obligation on the Race Director (and the Stewards) to comply with those regulations.
3. Accordingly, the Notesissued by the Race Director cannot contradict the Code or the Formula One Sporting Regulations
4. Article 5 c) of Chapter IV of Appendix L of the Code stipulates that at the pit exit a car “must not cross” the line.
5. In this case, the car did not “cross” the line – to do so it would have needed to have a full wheel to the left of the yellow line.
6. Accordingly the driver did not breach the relevant section of the Code and this takes precedent over any interpretation of the Notes.

"The Protest is therefore dismissed and the Protest Fee is forfeited."