The enormous distance of F1’s toughest journey… and Leclerc misses his flight

Baku to Montreal, from the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix to the Canadian Grand Prix just seven days later, is the longest and most brutal journey within a week of the 2022 season.
Charles Leclerc (MON) Ferrari.
Charles Leclerc (MON) Ferrari.

There are 5,500 miles (8395km) between Baku and Montreal.

It is a massive journey - which makes it even more annoying for Charles Leclerc that he missed his flight.

“Starting my week by missing my flight to Montreal,” the Ferrari driver posted on social media.

He may be F1’s most unlucky driver at the moment - just days ago, both Leclerc and teammate Carlos Sainz failed to finish the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and were forced to watch Red Bull title rival Max Verstappen win again.

RyanAir mocked the Ferrari driver’s misfortune.

A flight from Baku to Montreal this week with RyanAir would take more than 15 hours including a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany and would cost nearly £2000.

There is also the time difference that F1 drivers must contend with - Montreal is eight hours behind Baku.

The short turnaround and long distance is a logistical nightmare for F1. Their freight is transported by cargo planes.

DHL, F1’s logistics partner, estimated in 2019 that each team ships the equivalent weight of eight elephants.

But, luckily, not all F1 drivers will make the mammoth journey from Baku to Montreal direct.

Pierre Gasly was spotted taking a break in the ocean - he posted: “The Mediterranean Sea is smoother than Baku’s main straight.”

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