The respectful chatter between fellow drivers which is commonplace in the post-race room where they must go to weigh themselves was replaced by a steely awkwardness.

Verstappen, who finished second, was sat down when Hamilton, who completed the podium, entered the room.

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Hamilton weighed himself, placed his helmet down, then exited the room without looking at Verstappen or exchanging a word.

The rivalry that peaked on the notorious last lap of the 2021 season has reemerged over the past few weeks behind the star drivers of Red Bull and Mercedes, their team principles and even their respective armies of fans.

Hamilton had praised Charles Leclerc at the British Grand Prix as “sensible” in a clear dig at Verstappen’s driving style.

Verstappen replied by sarcastically saying: “I think it’s great that, when you’re 37 years old, at some point you understand how to get to an apex.” 

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff, the Red Bull and Mercedes bosses respectively, have also clashed on F1 rules.

And both drivers have received hostile receptions from their rival’s fan-bases over the past week.

After Hamilton left the cool down room in Austria, race winner Leclerc of Ferrari entered.

Verstappen said to Leclerc about Carlos Sainz’s retirement: “Did you see the fire?”

Leclerc: “Yes.”

Verstappen: “You guys were fast today.”

Leclerc: “I know.”