A collision on the opening lap between Perez and Russell sent the Red Bull driver spiralling into the gravel - he later retired due to the damage.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc won the race, ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

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But, at their home race at the Red Bull Ring, team principle Horner was left ruing that only one of his driver finished the race.

“Losing Checo was hugely disappointing,” he told Sky.

“I don’t think Mercedes like our cars going around the outside at Turn 4.

“It was a shame because Checo was clearly ahead.

“It is a tricky corner and we see so many incidents on the outside.

“It is a shame he wasn’t given more space.”

Max Verstappen said: "My teammate got taken out."

Perez said to Sky: “It is a big shame for us. I clearly felt, from our side, that we did everything we possibly could to avoid the incident.

“It was up to George to control his car. He couldn’t control it, clearly.

“We ended up making contact when I was clearly ahead.”

Horner said about his decision to retire Perez: “There was so much damage. There was no chance to score points so it was better to save the mileage.”

Russell finished in P4 behind teammate Hamilton.

Russell said to Sky: “It was very frustrating to have the first-lap incident.

“I braked hard, I braked late. Checo had the clean line.

“As soon as we started to turn in, I knew we would make contact.

“I was already on the limit of my car - braking as hard as I could, turning as hard as I could.

“He just had more grip on the racing line.”