Rare Schumacher update - “I watch the races with Michael”

A rare update on Michael Schumacher has been provided by Jean Todt, his friend and former team boss, who has revealed that they still watch F1 races together.
 Sao Paulo, Brazil, Michael Schumacher (GER)
Sao Paulo, Brazil, Michael Schumacher (GER)

The legendary driver Schumacher has not been seen in public since a skiing accident in December 2013, after which he was placed into a medically induced coma.

His health has been kept private by his family ever since.

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"I don't miss Michael. I can see him,” ex-Ferrari boss Todt said to German TV channel RTL. 

“But of course, what I miss is what we used to do together.

"Yes it's true - I watch the races with Michael."

Todt said last year: “I don't leave him alone. Him, Corinna [his wife], the family, we've had so many experiences together. The beauty of what we have experienced is part of us and it goes on.

Michael Schumacher, FerrariING Australian Formula 1 Grand PrixRd 1 World F1 ChampionshipAlbert ParkMelbourne
Michael Schumacher, FerrariING Australian Formula 1 Grand PrixRd 1 World…

“Sometimes success and money changes you. But Michael has never changed. He's so strong.”

Schumacher won seven F1 championships including five in a row alongside Todt at Ferrari.

He is now 53, living in Switzerland with his family, and his son Mick races in F1 for Haas.

Mick had come under increasing pressure this season until earning his first points at Silverstone, and following it a week later by claiming more in Austria.

"I was so happy when he finished in the points in the last two races," added Todt. 

"There has been a lot of unfair pressure on him. 

“What I really wish for him is the chance to drive the best car. Then he will be able to win races and titles."

Schumacher family blasted for “lies”

- Mercedes Team photograph, Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1
- Mercedes Team photograph, Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1

The legend’s former manager Willi Weber said to Gazzetta dello Sport: "It was a huge pain for me.

"I tried hundreds of times to contact [his wife] Corinna and she didn’t answer. I called Jean Todt to ask him if I should go to the hospital and he told me to wait – it’s too early.

"I called the next day and no one answered. I didn’t expect behaviour like that and I’m still angry about it. They kept me out, telling me it’s too early, well now it’s too late. It’s been nine years. Maybe they should just say it the way it is.

"I could understand the situation initially as I always did everything I could for Michael to protect his private life. But since then we have only heard lies from them. Years after the accident, I said to myself to just look out for the family as I couldn’t change things. He was like a son to me. Even today it hurts me to talk about it."

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