What can we expect from McLaren? 

After challenging Ferrari for third in the F1 constructors’ championship in 2021, McLaren had high hopes going into the new generation of cars.

McLaren started the 2022 season poorly but quickly turned it around, relying on the brilliance of Lando Norris to finish on the podium at Imola.

Norris’ form has propelled McLaren ahead of where they should be in terms of outright pace.

The young British driver has established himself as one of F1’s best drivers but it’s time for McLaren to give him a car capable of challenging at the front.

On the other side of the garage, Daniel Ricciardo will leave the team at the end of 2022, with McLaren announcing the news ahead of the Belgian GP.

Oscar Piastri will replace his fellow countryman after opting for McLaren over Alpine.

McLaren will have to close the gap to the top three teams, particularly seeing how much Ferrari managed to improve between 2021 and 2022.

Let’s not forget, McLaren was level with the Scuderia a year before.

Will McLaren deliver?

McLaren have won just one race since 2012 - a crazy stat given the size and prestige of the Woking-based outfit. 

After a strong resurgence in recent years, McLaren have taken a stepback - will they be able turn it around? 

Realistically, McLaren will be wanting to close in on the top three teams but it’s no easy task.

With Aston Martin strengthening, Alpine a factory team, McLaren won’t find it too easy to find their way back up the grid.

Can McLaren keep Norris long-term?

If McLaren is unable to give Norris a car worthy of his talents, will they be able to keep him?

While Norris has a long term deal with the team, Mercedes might need a replacement for Lewis Hamilton in 2024.

Outside the top three teams, Norris is clearly the standout talent and given his age, would be the perfect signing. 

Norris is happy with the current team environment but he will want race winning machinery in the coming years.