Hamilton is the only F1 driver in history to have won a race in each season that they have competed, but he hasn’t yet won in a disappointing 2022.

He will start the F1 Italian Grand Prix from the back of the grid, then has six more chances to save his remarkable record, but has shrugged off its value.

Lewis Hamilton VS Fernando Alonso - THE RIVALRY! | F1 2022

“Honestly it has zero importance to me,” the Mercedes driver said before Friday Practice.

“I am grateful that each year since 2007 we have had the opportunity to win, and I do believe we are going to have a chance this year.

“There are still seven races to go and it’s definitely a big goal for the team to be back at the front and fighting for the lead.

“I am not focused on the record. I am, of course, trying to get the win this year but the record is not important to me.

“I don’t really care about records, in general.”

Hamilton has won a race in each year since 2007 but has followed up the disappointing Abu Dhabi 2021 finale with a season blighted by porpoising and performance issues with his car.

He retains many incredible F1 records - the most race wins, the most consecutive race starts, the most points, among them.

But most impressively he is joint-holder, with Michael Schumacher, of the most championships (seven). But time is running out for the 37 year old to add one more title to become the outright record-holder.

“For sure, it’s a challenge,” he said. “It’s just about winning another world championship.

“Each one I approach as my first.

“The feeling of winning a world championship is so unique and special.

“The idea that no driver in history has gone past seven? Of course you want to accomplish that.

“But as you get older, you realise that the journey is the most important part. The ride with all the people that you bring with you.

“There is an opportunity to elevate a lot of people - not only in my team, but with the work we do in Mission 44.

“There is a much bigger picture.

“But from a personal point of view? Winning another world championship remains a goal. I will be so proud to do this for my team.”