Only Fernando Alonso is older than Hamilton and Vettel, who have won 11 world championships between them.

But Vettel will retire after this season, bringing an end to his long standing on-track battle with Hamilton - the F1 2023 season will be the first since 2007 without both of them in the driver line-up.

Lewis Hamilton VS Fernando Alonso - THE RIVALRY! | F1 2022

“To have the respect between two people who have had tough battles - it’s hard to be friends when you’re having a head-to-head battle and one of you is and one of you isn’t winning,” Hamilton told RACER

“The psychological warfare you go through, it’s tough.

“But to be able to come out from that and be such good friends – and I think it will continue to grow and we’ll be even better friends in future – I’m really grateful for.

“We’ve had some great races in the past and I’m so proud of him, of how he’s gone through his journey and how he’s opened up and how he’s been outspoken, and continues to be. 

“I have no doubt whatever he plans to do in the future, he will continue to do so.”