TMRW outlined its goal of “technology-focused ventures that feature progressive approaches to sports, media, and entertainment” and was founded in response to LIV Golf’s emergence and juxtaposition to the PGA Tour.

In F1 terms, if teams and drivers decided to move into a separate series, not under the FIA’s control - this is what happened with Golf with regards to LIV and PGA.

TMRW's social media account announced Hamilton's involvement on Tuesday, saying: “Coming TMRW: We're set to announce our investors. In the pole position, Lewis Hamilton.”

Hamilton continues to expand his involvement outside of F1 as he already has a minority stake in NFL side Denver Broncos.

TMRW will work with the PGA as it looks to see off LIV Golf, who are backed by Saudi Arabia.

Given Hamilton’s strong views on Saudi Arabia’s human rights and homosexuality laws, it’s not a surprise to see him involved.

“Do I feel comfortable here? I wouldn’t say I do,' he said ahead of the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. “But it’s not my choice to be here, the sport has taken the choice to be here.

“Whilst we are here it’s important we do try to raise awareness. In the last race you saw the rainbow helmet that I wore. I will wear that again here and in the next race [in Abu Dhabi] because it is an issue. 

“If anyone wants to take time to read what the law is for the LGBT+ community, it is pretty terrifying. There are changes that need to be made.”