Ahead of this season, Norris signed a new deal that will keep him at Woking until the end of 2025.

Norris has enjoyed a remarkable trajectory over the last two seasons, comprehensively beating experienced teammate Daniel Ricciardo, thus emerging as one of F1’s top talents. 

In an interview with German publication AMuS, Norris revealed he held talks with Red Bull, and several other teams.

"It's more just I was coming to the end of my contract, and it wasn't like we [Red Bull and I] were talking heavily," Norris said. "I literally said, it was just, everyone always tries to speak to all teams at some point, so I spoke to them, I spoke to a few other people.

"A chat's a chat, it's not like, 'what we can do straight away?' Just keeping in touch, things like that, it's as simple as that sometimes. It was just coming to the end of the contract, you see what options are available, you just kind of find out what's possible, what might be possible over the next few years.

"It wasn't just Red Bull. Every driver has chats with a lot of the different teams on what could happen, and it's as simple as that basically."

Despite his own form being strong, McLaren have taken a step back in performance this year.

The team are in an intense fight with Alpine for fourth in the F1 constructors’ standings, even though they’ve had a slower car for much of the season.

Even so, Norris admitted he “could be happier” in a more competitive car, he prefers the security he has with McLaren.

"I've always been happy with McLaren, as much as I could be happier, I've always been happy," Norris added. "Before I've ever spoken to anyone else, my talks have always been with McLaren first, that's always how it goes.

"As much as sometimes you might like what could happen, the best thing for me is signing the contract that I have now, just having that confidence that you're going to be in F1, and the knowledge that you're going to be in F1 for three, four, five years.

"For me that's like the best feeling, just because it makes you more relaxed, more comfortable in the environment that you're in."