For the first time since 2013 Hamilton is not top of the annual money list.

He earned the biggest pay packet in the list of F1 driver salaries however a total, including bonuses, has resulted in Verstappen becoming the biggest earner of 2022, according to Forbes.

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Forbes ranks F1’s highest-paid drivers of 2022

Max Verstappen - Salary: £33.8m ($40.3m) Bonus: £17m ($20.3)

Lewis Hamilton - Salary: £46.5m ($55.4m) Bonus: £0

Fernando Alonso - Salary: £25.4m ($30.3m) Bonus: £0

Sergio Perez - Salary: £8.5m ($10.1m) Bonus: £13.6m ($16.2m)

Charles Leclerc - Salary: £10.2m ($12.2m) Bonus: £9.3m ($11m)

Sebastian Vettel - Salary: £12.7m ($15.1m) Bonus: £1.7m ($2m)

Daniel Ricciardo - Salary: £12.7 ($15.1m) Bonus: £1.7m ($2m)

Carlos Sainz - Salary: £6.8m ($8.1m) Bonus: £6m ($7.1m)

Lando Norris - Salary: £4.2m ($5m) Bonus: £5.1m ($6m)

George Russell - Salary: £2.5m ($3m) Bonus: £5.9m ($7m)

Wait… maybe Hamilton is still the highest-earner!

This Forbes list does not include endorsements earned outside of F1.

“Formula 1 offers few marketing opportunities relative to, say, tennis or the NBA,” Forbes report.

Their report estimates that Hamilton pocketed £6.8m ($8.1m) in endorsements in 2022, and Verstappen earned £1.7m ($2m).

This would bring Hamilton’s overall total to £53.3m ($63.5m), and Verstappen’s to £52.5m ($62.5m)!

Hamilton’s net worth will undoubtedly continue to soar as he invests in more and more projects outside of F1.