The seven-time world champion is contracted to Mercedes for 2023 and will discuss a new contract over the winter break which is expected to take him to 40-years-old.

“It’s not forever but something inside is telling me: ‘you’re not done yet, you’ve got to keep pushing’”, Hamilton told The New York Times. “‘You’ve got more to do, more to achieve'.

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“It’s going to be hard one day, stopping racing. I’ve done it for 30 years and it will be 30-plus years when I do eventually stop.

"Luckily for me, right this second, it’s not now.

“My dad and my brother, they’re like, ‘Yeah, keep racing forever,’ because they are racers. 

“For my mum and my sister? I can definitely sense they want me to do whatever I want to do.

“They can also see how tiring it is, that it weighs heavy on you. Sometimes when I go around to my sister’s house I just pass out on the couch!”

Hamilton finished sixth in the F1 standings in 2022, his worst-ever result. Max Verstappen has won two championships in a row and Hamilton is intent on challenging his great rival in 2023.

Hamilton reveals family ambitions

The Mercedes driver has detailed how he hopes to raise his own family eventually.

“There’s no doubt that I love what I do,” he said. “I really do love the challenge every weekend, how we, as a team, show up every weekend.

“There’s a reason why I have as much energy as I do, that I’m still able to train with the intensity that I do and have the dedication that I do.

“At some stage, I will want to have a family and that will be my full focus, but right now, being in Formula 1 with Mercedes is it.”

Hamilton will remain the highest-earning on the list of F1 salaries into next season. Hamilton's net worth will continue to grow with his portfolio of investments outside of F1.