‘New kit, new car, New York’, the team posted on social media ahead of the F1 2023 season.

Max Verstappen is defending the drivers’ championship, while alongside Sergio Perez the team are defending their constructors’ championship too.

Verstappen vs Perez: Has their relationship gone bad?

Verstappen can get even better in 2023 as he chases a third title, chief engineer Paul Monaghan said: “With his engineers, they know how to deliver a car that he finds nicely-balanced, easy to drive… well, not necessarily easy to drive, but driveable – it looks after its tyres well enough that he can manage a situation.

“If you look at his record over the past seasons he’s been with us, it’s stunning. He wouldn’t achieve that if he wasn’t an exceptional driver. And can he improve? Yes, of course he can. He might not thank me for saying that.

“I think there are areas he can get a little bit better. He’ll dig into himself and think what could he do better for a season, and it’s up to us to give him a car to go and demonstrate those skills.”