Miles Chamley-Watson was interviewed during a segment about Red Bull athletes in the middle of the team’s glitzy season launch event in New York last week. 

The 33-year-old British-born American is one of the biggest stars on the global fencing scene. 

Red Bull launch their RB19 with FORD! | F1 2023

Chamley-Watson is an 11-time team Pan American champion, 2019 team world champion, 2013 individual world champion, and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist. 

He is also good mates with Mercedes driver and seven-time world champion Hamilton, one of Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s fiercest rivals. 

Chamley-Watson has been invited to several grands prix as a guest of Hamilton and attended the 2021 Met Gala alongside the Briton. 

He has also been on several holidays with Hamilton, including a trip to Africa last August, which Hamilton described as “a life-changing reset” during a difficult 2022 season. 

In an Instagram post wishing Hamilton a happy birthday in January, Chamley-Watson wrote: “This is gonna be an incredible year for you I know it.”