The reigning F1 world champion didn’t feature in the latest series of Drive to Survive because he was unhappy with how Netflix presented Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz’s relationship as teammates at McLaren.

Verstappen even compared the documentary to reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

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However, Verstappen will feature in the new series that comes out later this month after sitting down with Netflix bosses to discuss his concerns.

Speaking about it at Red Bull’s launch event in New York City, Verstappen says he’s hopeful “they understood my message”, suggesting that he’s still wary about how he will be portrayed in the new series.

“I spoke with them before I gave an interview with them,” Verstappen said. 

“I of course hope they understood my message and I also know that being a world champion, you have to be a part of something like that so I think I gave them like 30 minutes or an hour of interview.

“I hope they are going to use it well. 

“I don’t know when I am going to watch it but I hope I will be happy after watching it. 

"I know it is important to F1 for growing the sport in general.”

Season five of Drive to Survive will be released on February 24, in the middle of F1 2023 pre-season testing in Bahrain.