Ricciardo is not on the F1 grid for the first time since 2011 following McLaren’s decision to drop him in favour of fellow Australian Oscar Piastri.

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With Ricciardo seemingly unwilling to drop down the grid to either Haas or Williams, the Australian decided to take a year out, opening the door for a return to Red Bull.

He will be Red Bull’s third driver throughout F1 2023, with his role ranging from simulator work to marketing activities.

His arrival has led to some speculation that Red Bull could ultimately swap him with Sergio Perez, particularly given Ricciardo’s good relationship with Max Verstappen as the pair were teammates for nearly three seasons.

Speaking at Red Bull’s launch of the RB19 in New York, Ricciardo stated that his mindset was to “help the team”.

"I think really for me my mindset is to really try and help the team," he told Sky Sports News.

"I will give everything I can in the simulator, the races I go to I'll be in the meetings and I have no problem talking to Max and Checo [Perez], trying to share any insights and try to be the best team member I can. That's really where my heads at.

"I think as well because I personally I do really want the time off, I'm not waiting like, 'give me that chance'. I'm very happy to be where I'm at right now."

In terms of a return for 2024, Ricciardo reckons he will know once he’s been at a few races leading up to the summer period.

"I think I'll get my answer [on whether I want to return] inside... an internal feeling," he added. "I'm sure I'll get that before the summer once the season starts, once I've been in the sim and gone to a few races.

"I think I'll get my answer what I truly want to do and yeah, work towards whatever that is."