Ferrari innovation already under scrutiny from F1 rivals

The new F1 season has not even begun but Ferrari’s 2023 car has already caught the attention of their rivals. 
Ferrari innovation already under scrutiny from F1 rivals

Ferrari’s SF-23 challenger features a unique S-Duct concept, which, according to Italian publication, has been the subject of contention among rival teams. 

The FIA has reportedly been asked to clarify the legality of the innovation in question ahead of the upcoming 2023 season. 

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Ferrari have revised their S-Duct concept to optimise airflow towards the rear of the car. 

The complexity of the solution and its connection to the overall design of the chassis would make it difficult for rivals to replicate. 

It is unlikely to be the last request for clarification the FIA receives this season amid F1's relatively new era of aerodynamic regulations. 

Technical innovations have always been a major political battleground in F1 as teams look to potentially exploit some grey areas of the regulations. 

Ferrari innovation already under scrutiny from F1 rivals

Last year, Mercedes famously raised eyebrows when they turned up at the second pre-season test in Bahrain with a radical ‘zero sidepod’ solution. 

Ferrari expressed “surprise” at some of Mercedes’ aerodynamic solutions and called for a clampdown over their ‘spaceship’ mirrors

Mercedes and Aston Martin also had controversial wing designs banned by the FIA ahead of 2023. 

Now it is Ferrari’s turn to face scrutiny following its bold launch event which included running their SF-23 for the first time in front of a live audience. 

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are hoping Ferrari’s SF-23 will enable them to end the Italian outfit’s long F1 title drought this year. 

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