After two years with Haas, Schumacher was dropped by the American outfit for this season, with the team opting for more experienced German driver Nico Hulkenberg.

With no seats available on the F1 2023 grid, Schumacher will be Mercedes’ third driver, acting as a substitute for either Lewis Hamilton or George Russell should either not be able to race.

Why was the Schumacher vs Alonso rivalry so GOOD?

Since Michael’s skiing accident in 2013, there has been very limited details released about his condition, and thus how involved he has been in Mick’s career since then.

Ecclestone - who ran F1 for over 40 years up until 2017 - believes Mick is missing his father’s advice and experience.

"With Michael as a consultant at his side, Mick would be a regular driver in the cockpit of a good team,” Ecclestone told Sport Bild.

“With all his experience, Michael could have given his son so many details. He would have shown him the right way, in terms of driving, but also politically.”

Ecclestone also thinks Schumacher made a wrong call to opt for the Ferrari driver academy, rather than Red Bull’s.

Red Bull have a long history of nurturing talent through their academy and their sister team, AlphaTauri (previously Toro Rosso).

"He was on the wrong team,” he added. “Red Bull would have been better for him," he said. "There they would have cared more for him and built him up.

"The burden of his name is heavy. Living up to its name is its biggest problem. It will be difficult for him to find a cockpit. Especially one in which he can win. I'm sorry!"