Lawrence Stroll is a Canadian billionaire and the current owner of the Aston Martin F1 team.

According to Forbes, Stroll’s net worth is an astonishing $2.9bn (£2.44bn).

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His background, like his father, is in fashion, investing in clothing designers Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors.

In terms of F1, Stroll emerged when his son - Lance Stroll - made his debut with Williams in 2017.

In August 2018, Stroll led a consortium to buy the Force India F1 team for £90 million plus £15 million in debt, with the Silverstone-based outfit struggling financially.

The Canadian rebranded it as Racing Point in 2019 - putting his son, Lance, in the car alongside Sergio Perez.

Stroll then became executive chairman of the Aston Martin car company in 2020 following a $235.6 million (£182 million) investment. 

For the following year, Racing Point were rebranded again, this time as Aston Martin.

Stroll has outlined his ambitions of making Aston Martin a championship-winning outfit, signing four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel for 2021.

After two lacklustre seasons, Aston Martin propelled themselves up the order, starting F1 2023 as the second-fastest team, led by new signing Fernando Alonso.

With a new factory and wind tunnel on the way, things are looking bright for Aston Martin in the future.

Speaking after Aston Martin’s podium finish in the season-opening Bahrain GP, Stroll said: “We have a vision - we are going to win. There is a mission. We are following what I said two years ago. 

“This is the first step we have taken in the journey. I’d like to thank my son. I am a very proud father. 13 days ago we were in surgery and Lance told me: ‘We are going to Bahrain’. I said: ‘okay’. I didn’t really believe it at the time! But he persevered, worked hard. Great doctors, physios.

“To have Lance in the car, after missing 250 laps of testing that everyone else had? To deliver that performance with a broken toe and a couple of banged up wrists?

"So it’s great for the team. I am proud of my son.”