Verstappen recovered from 15th on the grid to finish second behind teammate Sergio Perez in Jeddah but was able to retain a one-point championship lead thanks to a last-gasp effort to claim the fastest lap. 

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Both Verstappen and Perez reported reliability concerns in the closing stages of the race, and with the gap between them hovering at around five seconds, Red Bull asked both drivers to stick to a target lap time of 1m33.00s. 

A transcript of the radio communications between Verstappen and his engineer Gianpiero Lambiase have revealed the Dutchman failed to respond to multiple requests to slow down. 

Verstappen was heard asking for information about the fastest lap towards the end, before he posted a new benchmark on the final lap of the race to snatch the bonus point away from Perez. 

Verstappen’s team radio 

Lap 39 

GP: Ok Max that was track limits for Turn 23 again. We will like to target a 33.0. 33.0.

GP: Max any more feedback on that issue from before?

VER: Well it's still there

GP: Yup understood. Ok target 33.0. 33.0

Lap 40

GP: That's 33.0

GP: Max, confirm 33.0

Lap 41

GP: 33.0. 33.0

Lap 43

GP: Max, can you target 33:0 please?

Lap 45

GP: Ok that’s 5 laps remaining coming up. Gap is 5+

VER: What's the fastest lap?

GP: We are not concerned about that at the moment Max.

VER: Yeah but I am. 

GP: So, 32.1, 32.1. 

Lap 49

GP: And this is your final lap. 

Chequered flag

Perez was left irritated about the “different information” he received about the fastest lap, something that was highlighted in his late-race radio exchanges to race engineer Hugh Bird. 

Perez’s team radio 

Lap 39

HB: Ok back to target now. So we're just covering Fernando he is doing 33.1

PER: Sorry repeat

HB: Target lap time 33.0. Max targetting the same. For reference that is +0.8 on the dash. +0.8.

PER: I'm having a bit of a long brake pedal

Lap 40

HB: Yeah copy we're having a look

Lap 41

HB: Target 32.6. +0.4

PER: Is Max doing the same? 

HB: Max's last lap is 32.6

PER: Then why did you tell me 33:0?

HB: Just target plus four, jobs a good’un

PER: We are pushing without a reason guys, not smart to do

Lap 42 

HB: Your lap 32.6. Max's lap 32.6

PER: Guys we don't really need this

HB: 8 laps to go

PER: Let's go. Let's go do 33.0

Lap 42

PER: What is the gap?

HB: Gap is 4.3

PER: So are we pushing now?

HB: You're free to push. Free to push

Lap 45

HB: 5 laps to go. Target +0.8. Gap 5.5 seconds

HB: Max's last lap 33.0

Lap 48

PER: What is the fastest lap at the moment?

HB: You've got the fastest lap. That's a 32.1

Chequered flag 

PER: Did we get the fastest lap in the end or?

HB: You were pipped on the last lap

PER: Ah, great! Aha