Horner blasts “underhand” rivals who complained to sponsors over cost cap breach

Christian Horner has claimed that a rival contacted Red Bull’s sponsors to make them aware of the team’s breach of the F1 cost cap.
Horner blasts “underhand” rivals who complained to sponsors over cost cap breach

Last season as Max Verstappen was wrapping up his second consecutive championship, Red Bull became embroiled in a scandal over the budgets recently introduced to F1 to prevent costs spiralling.

Red Bull were found in breach of the 2021 cap - although Horner delivered a robust defence in a press conference, criticising the likes of McLaren CEO Zak Brown who had called it “cheating”.

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Horner tells iNews: “It tainted us. These things get used by your rivals. We had one of them contacting our sponsors and partners making suggestions that we would be bringing their brands into disrepute. That was just underhand.

“My wife has always said to me a pat on the back is only six inches from a kick up the arse. This is like the Kardashians on wheels. As long as you are comfortable with the decisions you are taking. That’s how I live my life.”

Despite being a UK-based team, Horner has explained why he believes Red Bull are rarely afford the status of the hero.

 “If we had a British driver like a certain team in Brackley,” he said. “We are too easily seen as the bad guys.”

Verstappen is already the favourite to tie up a third F1 title in a row, ahead of next weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

Horner paid tribute: “There isn’t another Max. If you look back at 2021 at the pressure he had at certain points he drove some incredible races.

“In Zandvoort, his home nation had turned it into a flipping nightclub for the weekend.”

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