Hamilton and Schumacher are F1’s two most successful drivers with seven world titles each.

While Hamilton’s statistics are marginally better - 12 more victories and more podiums - the GOAT debate is one that divides many fans.

Jordan - who handed Schumacher his F1 debut back in 1991 with his own team, Jordan Grand Prix - offered his view on F1’s two icons.

“Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher were from different eras in their peak,” he told OLBG. “I'd hate to see them battle because it would be fireworks. Schumacher would stick his elbows out more than Hamilton, but Hamilton has that extra piece of control. 

“If it was over six races then I'd say it would be 3-3. I'll stick my neck out and say that Hamilton just about edges Schumacher if they were both driving in the same car.”

Expanding on the key difference between Schumacher and Hamilton, Jordan reckons the German was “a little bit too cunning” when it came to racing and the dark arts.

“Schumacher is like every top-quality driver,” he added. “But you can't be at that level and have a winning culture if you're not aggressive and tough, Schumacher had both of those traits. 

“The critics remember the illegal floor on the Benetton and when he parked or crashed the car in Monaco to get pole position. I was involved when Eddie Irvine went to Ferrari and when the contract said 'Irvine had to move aside to let Schumacher win the race', I don't know any other driver who operated like that. 

“Ferrari tolerated it and they won a load of championships so who are they to complain. You did not see that with Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna or Lewis Hamilton. 

“But that's where people will say Schumacher was a little bit too cunning when it came to racing.”