Die Aktuelle, a German publication, claimed on their front cover that they had an exclusive interview with the F1 legend.

Inside their magazine they ran a series of ‘quotes’ from him, only to later reveal that the ‘interview’ was actually created by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why was the Schumacher vs Alonso rivalry so GOOD?

Michael Schumacher now lives in Switzerland at his family home and has not been seen in public since a skiing accident in December 2013 left him in a coma.

His family keep updates about his health to a minimum to protect his dignity, and only the a select few people are allowed to visit him.

The magazine Die Aktuelle already has an uneasy relationship with the Schumacher family after previous stories they have written.

In 2014 their magazine featured Schumacher on the front cover with the headline ‘Awake’ - but the story was merely about other people who had awoken from comas, ESPN report.

In 2015, Schumacher’s wife Corinna lost a legal battle against the same magazine when their front cover claimed she had a ‘new love’ - then later revealed it was the couple’s daughter, Gina.