Veteran driver Ricciardo rejoined Red Bull this season but in a vastly different role, as their third driver, a job that requires him to fade into the background.

It has enabled him to look back at previous mind-sets that he had, earlier in his career.

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“I come at it from a different point of view now,” he said to The Athletic

“Even looking back at 2018 … it was just all about me, me, me. 

“In all these young drivers, I see it. That’s just how we are.

“At times, I reacted a little too selfishly to a bad weekend. 

“Now, I’m back with the team, but I’d say it’s a very selfless role.

“I’ve got no hidden agenda. There’s no ego. I’m not too proud. I’m trying to build myself back up.”

The final year of Ricciardo’s deal with McLaren was terminated, leaving him without a drive for 2023.

He had initial interest from teams such as Haas, but instead opted not to take a full-time role.

Ricciardo admitted he required time away from F1 after two bruising years with McLaren.

“I was just not a good person at times to be around,” he says of his time at McLaren now.

But he harbours hopes of returning to a full-time F1 drive.

“I’ve never won a world championship,” Ricciardo said. 

“But for a big part of my career, I was at least fighting for wins or podiums. I always considered myself as good, if not better, than everyone else.

“Deep down, I know I’m not done.”