George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished fourth and sixth respectively in Miami, moving up from sixth and 13th on the grid.

Mercedes showed impressive race pace, with Russell closing in on Fernando Alonso in the latter stages of the race.

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Hamilton came alive in the second half of the race, pulling impressive overtakes on Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc.

Speaking during Sky Sports’ F1 coverage, Button said Mercedes’ pace was a “surprise”.

“The two surprises were Mercedes’ pace - how well both of them did in the race - and how Ferrari were,” he said. “George got everything out of that car. He finished P4, I think that’s pretty impressive.

“He was quicker than the Ferraris.”

Former IndyCar star Danica Patrick believes Hamilton would have been “pleased” with his  comeback even if they’re still far behind Red Bull.

“I imagine he’ll be pleased with that comeback,” she said. “He was in 13th for a while before he made progress. It’s frustrating going through the weekend when you’re struggling, struggling, struggling.

“You almost forget about it when you have races like that. And they do tend to have good races. They are strong drivers, strong team, strong strategy, and the car seems to emerge - I don’t know if it gets stronger.

“Ferrari drops back and, as it’s a race between the next three team, you come out on top of a lot. You feel good, you go away then get dropped back in next weekend.

"They need to figure out how to get sheer speed out of it. If they get sheer speed, they can qualify better, look what would happen in the race after that. They would be able to move up further.”