Drag Reduction System (DRS) zones have been shortened in each of the past two grands prix, limiting the impact of one of Red Bull’s big advantages.

Marko was asked by Motorsport-Magazin if he saw those changes as a way to even the playing field, and replied: “Right.”

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He added: "You have to stop intervening in such a manipulative way.

“Overtaking has always been difficult. If the DRS zone is shortened - you know why.

"It's amazing that Mercedes are upset. 

“They had such a superior engine for years and were much further ahead than we are now.

"If you deliver a flop with the car two years in a row, you should concentrate on that."

The reduction in DRS zones barely mattered to Red Bull at the F1 Miami Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen came from ninth on the starting grid to winning the race, ahead of teammate Sergio Perez.

It means Red Bull have won each of the first five grands prix of 2023.

Team principal Christian Horner was left teasing: “Where are the others?”