Some of the long-awaited upgrade package broke cover in the Monaco pitlane on Thursday, with photographers snapping the first glimpses of how the revised W14 will look. 

Can Fernando Alonso win the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix?

Mercedes’ update comprises of new bodywork - including revised sidepods - front suspension and a new floor. 

But Mercedes are not alone in debuting new parts. Here is a full rundown of what each team has brought to the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Red Bull 

Rear Wing - Greater camber of the span of the rear wing bi-plane
compared with other options.

Suspension - Wishbone shroud alteration to allow the steering


Rear Corner - Updated RBD furniture, brake cooling inlet and suspension fairings

Rear Wing - Higher Downforce Top Rear Wing and Lower Rear Wing designs


Front Suspension - Top wishbone forward leg inboard pick-up lifted.

Floor Fences - Change in fence camber

Sidepod Inlet - Wide and high sidepod inlet

Coke/Engine Cover - Wide bodywork

Rear Wing - Increased camber rear wing flap

Rear Corner - Second cascade of caketin winglets added


Front Suspension - Realignment of wishbone, pushrod and trackrod fairings.

Sidepod Inlet - Wider sidepod with deeper gulley.

Floor Edge - In conjunction with the aforementioned sidepod update, there is a small floor edge cut-out.

Rear Wing - More loaded top rear wing main plane suited for track characteristics and high downforce nature.

Beam Wing - In conjunction with the aforementioned top rear wing update, the beam wing has more load with double element style.


Floor Fences - Modified OB Fence in line with TD-029

Front Corner - Larger Front Brake Scoop

Rear Corner - Rear Corner Lower Winglet Endplate

Rear Wing - High Downforce Rear Wing assembly

Beam Wing - High Downforce Beamwing to suit Rear Wing assembly

Alfa Romeo

Coke/Engine Cover - A new engine cover with a different shape and different connection to the top of the floor

Floor Edge - A new design for the floor edge and fences

Floor Body - A new design for the floor body

Rear Suspension - Redesigned rear suspension covers

Rear Corner - Redesigned rear brake ducts

Rear Wing - New profile of the main planes of the rear wing

Beam Wing - New profile of the beam wing (bi-plane instead of stacked)

Cooling Louvres - New max cooling config - Increased louver porosity

Aston Martin 

Front Suspension - The upper wishbone has a slightly modified twist distribution 

Front Corner - The lower deflector planview incidence has been adjusted within the legal limits

Rear Suspension - Small details changes to the rear suspension failings to alter sector incidence 

Rear Corner - Modifications to the inlet and exit ducts of the rear brake duct, and associated changes to the elements mounted to the IB face. 

Rear Wing - There is a new rear wing with more aggressive geometry


Front Wing - Evolution of the four profile geometries along the Front Wing Span has been modified.

Front Suspension - Few modifications at the front suspension geometry will be introduced for next Monaco race.


Floor Body - Compared to the previous floor body, underfloor surfaces local to the fences have changed. Upper surfaces behind the outermost floor fence have been lowered. The floor 'curl' detail ahead of the rear tyre has been modified.

Floor Fences - Compared to previous floor fences, their camber distributions have changed in sympathy with changes to floor body roof surfaces.

Floor Edge - Compared to previous floor edges, the new geometry has been narrowed to make room for a wing element that forms an extension of the previous floor edge wing.

Diffuser - Compared to the previous diffuser, vertical sidewalls have been modified.

Sidepod Inlet - Compared to previous sidepod inlets, radiator duct inlet areas have been reduced by raising the lower lip.

Coke/Engine Cover - Compared to the previous engine cover, the 'undercut' has been modified to suit the smaller sidepod inlet.

Front Suspension - The position of the outboard trackrod has moved rearward relative to the brake drum face.

Rear Wing - The upper wing elements have increased camber and incidence, particularly in the outboard part of the wing assembly compared to previously raced wing designs this season. The lower 'beam' wing assembly is a biplane arrangement, which also elements compared to previously raced assemblies.

Rear Wing Endplate - The outside face of the lower endplate has been modified to include a cambered vane.


Rear Wing - The new rear wing is a larger, more inclined profile.The upper outboard junctions to the end plates are higher and squarer than on the previous medium downforce rear wing. The leading edge of the mainplane sits lower on the new wing to present a larger area.

Beam Wing - The new beam wing is larger and more inclined than beam wings we have run previously this year.

Front Suspension - Change in steering arm length.

Front Suspension - Revised cladding on front suspension elements: trackrod, upper and lower wishbones.

Front Corner - The exit of the front brake duct is increased in size.