According to German publication AMuS, Haas will introduce a ‘b-spec’ car based on this year’s dominant Red Bull.

The underbody, side pods and engine cover have been designed based on the RB19.

How Ferrari Tried to Win at Monza

It’s unusual for a team to introduce an entirely new package so late on in the season.

However, with the regulations remaining relatively stable over the winter, it will give Haas crucial learning and information ahead of 2024.

As per the report, the upgraded Haas will debut in Austin next month - which is a sprint weekend.

It’s good news for Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen, who have scored just 11 points between them in F1 2023.

Haas currently have a similar car concept to Ferrari given their close links to the Italian giant.

The Italian Grand Prix was a disappointing showing from Haas once again, with Hulkenberg not mincing his words afterwards.

“We are incredibly bad compared to our competition,” Hulkenberg said. 

“As the only team, we didn't bring anything to Monza [upgrade]. No special package. 

“If you do so little, you can’t expect much. Honestly, we are not worthy of points here and far away anyways. 

“Frustrating, bitter, and a little sad but we have to take it as it is, wipe our mouths and in fourteen days we are back on a track that hopefully suits us more.”