Hamilton and Mercedes finally confirmed that they had penned fresh terms, which run until the end of 2025, at the F1 Italian Grand Prix.

It brought an end to a saga that Hamilton and Mercedes team principal Wolff constantly reassured fans would end in a new agreement.

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“Lewis and I were clear on the major terms in June, July,” Wolff said.

“Things were just dribbling along. Bubbling along slowly. Then it was summer break.”

“In the end, it was about marketing – not really the big relevant topics.

“That took a bit of time.”

Ex-F1 driver Coulthard has previously floated a theory to the  Irish News about the delay in confirming Hamilton’s new deal. 

“Mercedes will want a certain amount of time from Lewis for their partners,” Coulthard claimed.

“Mercedes will have sold sponsorship on obtaining access to their drivers.

“Some businesses will have signed up with the Silver Arrows because Lewis is there, rather than George Russell. 

“Perhaps Lewis might be wanting to do fewer days or have fewer commitments?

“What Lewis will be signing up for goes way beyond him driving at a grand prix. 

“It is about what rights he retains in terms of his image, and what rights he sells to the team. 

“Mercedes are buying more than just Lewis’ driving services. They are buying his promotional image and his PR image.”