Hulkenberg returned to F1 on a full-time basis this year with Haas and his impressive performances have already earned him a new deal for 2024. 

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The German is hopeful that he can put himself in the frame for a potential Audi seat when they enter F1 in 2026 following a takeover of the Alfa Romeo-Sauber squad.

When asked on F1’s Beyond The Grid podcast whether the prospect of an Audi drive would appeal to him, Hulkenberg said: “It’s definitely one of the very attractive projects right now. 

“A new brand coming into Formula 1, very exciting, a German manufacturer as well, people that I’ve worked with and done really well before. 

“Yeah, it all sounds really nice and good on paper. Obviously I need to put in the good work, keep driving convincing drives, to maybe have a shot there. But only time will tell.”

At 36, Hulkenberg is the third-oldest driver on the 2023 grid, behind only Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso

By the time Audi enters F1, Hulkenberg would be 38 - the same age as seven-time world champion Hamilton, who has just signed a two-year extension with Mercedes. 

Hulkenberg says Hamilton and Alonso’s performances show that age is not a barrier in F1. 

“Right now I can see myself also racing for another couple of years. I don’t have the crystal balls, I don’t have all the answers,” he added. 

“Obviously, as long as I enjoy it, and have the feeling that I have right now, I can imagine to continue as long as I get a job, as long as I can get a contract, you know?

“We’re in a performance business and if my performance wouldn’t be good enough anymore, I would soon run out of a job. But let’s see how things go.

“Obviously with age certain things maybe become not as good, not as dynamic, reflexes or whatever – but I think then you have the cases of Fernando and Lewis who demonstrate it’s still very doable and very possible. 

“Every human is different, but I think it’s a matter of if you feel the passion still, if you feel desire and if you’re happy and ready to put in the work and you have the talent, then you can go a long, long time in F1.”