Former Ferrari driver Massa lost out on the 2008 world title to McLaren’s Hamilton by a single point and is taking legal action following a revelation by former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone in an interview earlier this year. 

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Ecclestone suggested that he and then FIA president Max Mosley had knowledge of the controversial ‘Crashgate’ incident that saw Renault fix that year’s Singapore Grand Prix - a race which had dramatic consequences for Massa’s title hopes. 

The 92-year-old has since insisted that he cannot remember ever giving the interview to F1-Insider, in which quotes attributed to him claimed Massa was ‘cheated’ out of winning the world championship. 

Massa’s legal representation said they are hopeful that Hamilton will support the Brazilian’s bid to ultimately strip the seven-time world champion of his 2008 F1 title. 

Hamilton refused to elaborate on Massa’s lawsuit during two separate TV interviews ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. 

“If that’s the direction that Felipe wants to go, that’s his decision,” Hamilton told reporters in Singapore. “I prefer not to focus on the past. 

“Whether it’s 15 years ago, two years ago, or three days ago. I’m only interested in the present and my focus is on helping my team this week.”

Hamilton insisted that all of his focus is on Mercedes’ performance this weekend. 

“I expect them [Red Bull] to be very fast here,” he added. 

“It’s not a track that we [Mercedes] have done that well in recent years, even if I’ve had some success here, but I’m still hopeful. We just need to maximise every session and work together as a team."