Hamilton and Ocon were pictured remote control car racing at Suzuka on Thursday.

The seven-time world champion has often spoken about his love for RC cars in the past.

In 1992, Hamilton featured on British TV programme ‘Blue Peter’, competing in an RC race.

Unsurprisingly, even at the age of 7, Hamilton came out on top.

In the FIA press conference, Hamilton shed light on his ‘race’ with Ocon in the Suzuka pit lane.

“So Esteban and I had planned a while ago that while we are here we would get our remote control cars together and have a bit of a race in the pit lane," Hamilton explained. "For me it was very reminiscent of when I was a kid on Blue Peter and it was really cool. We all share more in common than we probably think other than the fact we are pure rare. It’s very rare we all get to do things like that. It was fun.”

Hamilton and Ocon then shared more details on how they both fared.

“It was just a bit of fun,” Ocon said

“We were spinning around. I wasn’t far off your [Ocon’] pace," Hamilton added.

Ocon replied: “I was super impressed because he hadn’t done it in years. He was like start slow and all that. I practise a lot - I am constantly on it. Straight away, first braking point he nails it. That’s more than impressive.”

“I flipped it a lot of times but I had a softer setup,” Hamilton concluded.