Floor Body - Revision of front floor fences, floor edge, mid floor and diffuser sidewall. Sidepod undercut re-designed to suit


Rear wing - Vane added to outer face of rear wing endplate.


Beam Wing - A new Beam Wing geometry, featuring a reshaped upper and lower element, reducing aerodynamic load and drag efficiently, suitable for this circuit.

Sidepod inlet - The Sidepod Inlet has been modified with the addition of a packer, which improves local flow conditioning and results in improved cooling performance.

Aston Martin

Front Corner - New front brake duct scoop with reduced inlet size compared to the previous version


Rear Wing - Relative to the previous geometry, the rear wing endplate junction with the rear wing elements has been updated.

Rear View Mirror - Compared to the baseline rear view mirror assembly, three turning vanes have been removed from the outboard mirror stem.


Floor Fences - The height of the most inboard forward floor fence is reduced.

Red Bull, Alfa Romeo, Haas and Alpine - no reported updates.