Ahead of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, McLaren announced impressive F1 rookie Oscar Piastri had been rewarded with a contract extension running through to the end of 2026. 

Now, McLaren are planning to turn their attentions to striking fresh terms with the highly-rated Norris, whose current long-term deal will expire at the conclusion of the 2025 season.

McLaren are determined to ward off interested rivals - including Red Bull - from poaching the 23-year-old, who they regard as a future world champion. 

“We're certainly having conversations with Lando. They are good conversations, we are happy with how these conversations are going,” Stella said.

“In terms of getting the vote of confidence, we went back to the facts. Certainly we expressed our love, if you want, in terms of this human element and also as a team you can want mates to be with you on the journey especially when the journey is so tough.

"But you also need to talk about facts. Like what is the foundation for the future why you can give us your vote of confidence.

"With Lando we are doing exactly the same, trying to prove as much as possible on track that what we say kind of realises and trying to create a sense of 'this is going to continue over the coming years’.

"I would be at a discomfort myself, having a conversation with a driver where I'm trying to persuade him playing cards I don't have in my hands. 

“I don't want to find myself in a situation where a driver said 'hey you said this would have happened, it's not happening'. I don't want to be in this position so my conversation, Zak's conversation they are genuine assessments of facts to the best of our knowledge.

"We don't need to buy people in, we want people to give us the vote of confidence to stay with us genuinely truly believing in the journey together with McLaren.”

Norris was asked about his future in Thursday’s FIA drivers’ press conference at Suzuka. 

“There are always things now and then [regarding talks beyond 2025],” he said. 

“I've always said I want to win with McLaren and I think we're getting closer and closer to achieving that. And not just win races but win championships, both driver and constructors.

“I want to do it with McLaren, I'm very happy there. So if I was to spend 10-15 years there I'm not going to ever say no and I think that is something I would look forward to.

“But I'm very much just concentrating on this year, next year and 2025. There are still two-and-a-half years to try and progress and we'll see then.

“Things every now and then but nothing more than that.”