The traditional post-race private room, which so often reveals interesting conversations between the drivers, was not used in Vegas.

Instead, winner Max Verstappen, runner-up Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez were chauffeured in the back of a car to the famous Bellagio Hotel on the Vegas Strip.

Verstappen said about his early contact with George Russell: “I passed him at 12. I went like this… And he drove into me.”

Perez: “You didn’t lose anything?”

Verstappen: “Yes. But when the Safety Car was there, I didn’t want to change the whole front wing. I would’ve lost a lot of time.”

Leclerc: “You both stopped at the Safety Car?”

Verstappen: “Yeah. I stopped at the end.”

Leclerc: “You were a bit more quick on the hards.”

Verstappen: “Yeah.”

Perez: “Grained on the mediums?”

Verstappen: “Yeah.”

Leclerc: “We were really good on the mediums.”

Verstappen: “You had a lot of rotation.”

Perez: “I locked my front wing at the start. There was no DRS.”

Leclerc: “I didn’t realise. Where were you starting?”

Later Leclerc asked: “Where are we going?”

Verstappen: “Straight to the nightclub! Skip everything, see you tomorrow everyone! Or not!”