F1’s action-packed first race in Las Vegas since 1982 came at the end of a week in which the event had faced criticism and controversy with track running getting off to an inauspicious start on Thursday. 

Several drivers complained about the extra promotional duties they had surrounding the event, which Max Verstappen labelled as being “99% show and 1% sport”. 

Verstappen was the loudest voice against the race and said he was made to feel like a “clown” in what he felt was an unnecessary star-studded opening ceremony on Wednesday evening. 

Asked to draw a comparison between the new Las Vegas street track and Monaco, Verstappen also quipped: “I think Monaco is like [the] Champions League and this is like National League.”

But Haas driver Magnussen believes such negative opinions did not need to be aired publicly. 

“It’s fine to have an opinion, maybe you should keep it for yourself,” Magnussen said. 

“At the end of the day we’re all on pretty good salaries, living a good life, and that’s all because of this. So at the end of the day maybe we should show a little bit more appreciation.”

Lewis Hamilton argued a thrilling grand prix had proved the doubters “wrong”. 

Meanwhile, his Mercedes boss Toto Wolff felt that early criticism of the event was overblown.

"Lots of things that were said look a little bit out of proportion or too negative because we are leaving Las Vegas after a great weekend," he said.

"I think it will have increased the popularity of Formula 1 in the United States, for sure. There is nothing negative that I can find. 

"The drain cover was nothing, like I said. When I look back at tonight; a spectacular race, great audiences, a mega event and some good racing at the front, that’s what I will remember of the inaugural Las Vegas race that ticked all of the boxes.”