Red Bull still unsure Mercedes-style sidepods can be ‘successfully implemented’

Helmut Marko has revealed that Red Bull are still 100 per cent sure they can "successfully implement" their Mercedes-style sidepod design.

The all-new RB20 Red Bull F1 car
The all-new RB20 Red Bull F1 car

Red Bull are still unsure whether they can make their Mercedes-style sidepods work as part of their new package for F1 2024.

Red Bull were the final team to unveil their new F1 challenge for 2024 - the RB20 - on Thursday.

Their new machine had similarities to the two Mercedes cars from the last two seasons, particularly the sidepod design and engine cover.

Soon after the launch, it was reported that Red Bull could introduce a more extreme sidepod design at the Japanese Grand Prix in April.

Mercedes famously abandoned their ‘zeropod’ design after just a handful of races in 2023, although the team made clear that this wasn’t the main reason for their lack of performance.

Speaking to Servus TV, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko commented on the team’s new sidepod solution.

“They [Mercedes] were also convinced by the data of their sidepod-less concept, but in practice, it didn't work at all,” he said. “We will now see in the tests whether we can successfully implement this solution, or let's say a similar solution.

“Adrian Newey always favoured cars without radiators. But of course, the engine people can't do that. That is logical.”

The new RB20 at Red Bull's car launch
The new RB20 at Red Bull's car launch

Marko revealed that the design won’t be as “extreme” as Mercedes but it’s in a “similar direction”.

“We don't have it as extreme [as Mercedes], but we have it in a similar direction in terms of the idea,” he added.

“It's more than an evolution. It's a small revolution.

"It is the basis of what will be used in 2024. In terms of simulation and the wind tunnel, it all worked very well."

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