Nico Rosberg offers first words on Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari

Nico Rosberg backs Lewis Hamilton's decision to drive for Ferrari in 2025

Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton’s ex-teammate Nico Rosberg has delivered his first verdict on the driver move that has rocked Formula 1.

Hamilton will swap Mercedes for Ferrari next year, uniting F1’s most successful driver with its most successful team.

Rosberg, who drove alongside Hamilton at Mercedes and edged him to the 2016 F1 title, has reacted to his former teammate’s upcoming switch.

“Of course, it came as a huge surprise,” Rosberg told Sky Sports. “No-one expected it, and I didn’t expect it either.

“But if you look at the grand scheme of things, then why not?

“It’s towards the end of his career. Two legendary teams - Mercedes and Ferrari.

“I know Lewis is a fan of Ferrari road cars, also.

“So why not make that switch and have a different experience, driving in red.

“Then he ticks off both boxes, driving for the two most legendary teams.

“By the way, at the moment, it seems in performance terms to be the right decision for him.

“Maybe he will make an amazing move like 12 years ago when he moved from McLaren to Mercedes.

“McLaren were winning races, Mercedes were nowhere.

“The moment he moved, McLaren went backwards and Mercedes started winning races. Maybe he can get the same timing again.”

Hamilton has battled top-notch teammates throughout his career including Rosberg, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and now George Russell.

Next year at Ferrari, he will be paired with Charles Leclerc in a thrilling-looking combo.

“We are looking forward to that dynamic,” Rosberg said.

“Charles doesn’t seem like someone who is in conflict with his teammate.

“From that point of view, maybe it won’t be spicy.

“Charles is probably the second-best qualifier, apart from Max Verstappen.

“So it will be a tough battle for both. The level could be similar. It will be great to watch.”

Hamilton’s contract with Ferrari will take him into his 40s. He is already the second-oldest F1 driver behind Fernando Alonso.

Alonso, soon to be 43, has signed a new deal to remain at Aston Martin so will renew his rivalry with Hamilton in new machinery in 2025.

Rosberg said about Alonso: “To see him still driving at the best level is incredible.

“It’s only because he’s one of the best drivers of all time that he’s able to do that.

“Lewis, half a year ago, was maybe still the best on the grid with Verstappen. But the beginning of the season has been difficult.

“Lewis can go into his 40s, no problem.”

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