Adrian Newey “seriously considering” Ferrari; “not interested” in Aston Martin

Adrian Newey is favouring a move to Ferrari, rather than Aston Martin, if he does leave Red Bull.

Adrian Newey (GBR) Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer looks at Oliver Bearman (GBR) Ferrari SF-24 Reserve Driver on the
Adrian Newey (GBR) Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer looks at Oliver…

Red Bull F1 design guru Adrian Newey is reportedly “seriously considering” a move to Ferrari.

According to BBC’s Andrew Benson, Newey is carefully considering whether he wants to move to Ferrari.

Newey’s future is under great scrutiny following a number of reports last week claiming that he wants to leave Red Bull.

The legendary F1 designer’s decision to potentially leave the team stems from the Christian Horner investigation and the alleged inappropriate behaviour.

Newey has been integral in Red Bull’s title triumphs over the years, with Sebastian Vettel in the early 2010s and now with Max Verstappen.

Ferrari signing Newey would make it two big name acquisitions in one year having already secured Lewis Hamilton.

Writing in his pre-Miami Grand Prix Q&A, Benson shed some light on the Newey situation.

“Newey’s decision to leave Red Bull, is one of the most seismic events to happen in Formula 1 for a long time,” he wrote.

“That’s not just for what it says about the internal issues at the team in the wake of the allegations of sexual harassment and coercive, abusive behaviour made by a female employee against Christian Horner, which the 50-year-old team principal denies.

“But also because of the impact it will likely have on the team he leaves and the team he chooses to join. Newey is rightly regarded as the greatest F1 designer in history so, even if he is not full-time on F1 these days, he will have a huge impact on any team he joins, and losing cannot but hurt the one he leaves.

“You can see the effect his setting the concept of the latest generation of Red Bulls has had on them.”

Benson confirmed that serious offers have been made by Ferrari and Aston Martin, although he’s not considering the latter’s.

“He has been made offers by Ferrari and Aston Martin. I’m told by sources close to him that he is seriously considering Ferrari but is not interested in going to Aston Martin,” he added.

“But I would not rule out someone else coming in for him. Not every team could afford him. But McLaren and Mercedes certainly could - and going there would be less disruptive domestically to Newey, even if it would not have the same romantic draw as Ferrari.”

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