Max Verstappen admits Red Bull have “no clear direction or solution” for ride woes

Max Verstappen provides a worrying verdict of the issues which hampered Red Bull on Friday.

Max Verstappen was unhappy with his Red Bull on Friday
Max Verstappen was unhappy with his Red Bull on Friday

Max Verstappen says Red Bull have “no clear direction or solution” to cure the ride issues they experienced during Friday practice at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix.

The three-time world champion complained his Red Bull was “jumping like a kangaroo” and giving him “headaches” in the second session around Monte Carlo’s famous tight and twisty streets. Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez was also unhappy with his car, describing the ride as “horrendous”.

Worryingly for Red Bull, Verstappen downplayed the team’s chances of getting on top of the problem.

"I don’t think I can describe what is going on. It is very difficult,” Verstappen said.

“It’s not something that I did not expect. But it’s at the higher end of the worst possible outcome of the weekend so far. Difficult.

“A lot of bumps, kerbs, and camber changes on the track. For us, it is impossible to take.

“Every time we go over it, we lose a lot of lap time. Because the car doesn’t ride well. It is hampering us, at the moment, to go faster.

“There is no clear direction or solution for the weekend to be able to solve something like that.”

Asked if Red Bull can turn things around like they did at Imola after a difficult Friday, Verstappen replied: “Imola was completely different. Different issues that we could solve with set-up.

“These issues we cannot solve with set-up because it’s how the car is made and designed.

“These things you cannot change overnight. We are stuck with it. We will try, but I don’t expect miracles.”

Verstappen added that Ferrari are “miles ahead” and said he is not currently thinking about battling for pole position and the win.

“I just want to solve the issues that we have to make it more drivable,” he said. “Then we’ll see where we are. I don’t expect miracles.” 

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