Verdict in from experts as Carlos Sainz complains about Lewis Hamilton’s overtake

“Somebody is going to get squeezed, get nudged, somebody is going to suffer"

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 W15 makes a pit stop. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 10, Spanish Grand Prix,
Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 W15 makes a pit stop. Formula 1 World…

Experts inside the paddock have sided with Lewis Hamilton over the contact that angered Carlos Sainz.

The Mercedes driver overtook his Ferrari counterpart on Lap 19 of Sunday’s F1 Spanish Grand Prix.

They touched wheels as Hamilton squeezed down the inside, resulting in Sainz complaining about the manoeuvre via team radio.

Stewards opted not to investigate the incident.

Hamilton defended himself: “I think it was clean. Ultimately, he didn’t cover the inside fully. He left the door open which I went for.

“A late move, got up alongside, we were wheel-to-wheel. He was still on the track so I left him space as much as I could.”

Sky Sports’ Anthony Davidson then broke down the overtake.

He analysed: “As he closes in on Sainz, you are thinking ‘go to the outside or the inside?’

“The gap is left, like he said, on the inside.

“So the move, at this point, is absolutely on.

“You look at the car on the outside that is coming towards you.

“The car on the outside should always be leaving a full car’s width to the white line. “Remember, [the white line] is the edge of the track, not the kerb.

“Because of that kerb, [Hamilton’s] car bounces off. Lewis has to fight the car. He’s trying his best to keep it from touching the Ferrari.

“But because he’s been pushed onto the kerb before, he’s now relying on Carlos giving even more room. Because he has been a little squeezed.

“There was a bit of contact. A bit of carbon fibre flicks up from the car. It comes flying off.

“There was a bit of contact. But it was caused, I think, mainly because Lewis was squeezed that little bit towards the corner.

“A similar thing happened to Sainz and his own teammate!”

Damon Hill agreed that Hamilton’s move was clean: “I think so. I’ve seen some great racing. Some great overtaking.

“It’s never an exact science when you get to those limits.

“Somebody is going to get squeezed, get nudged, somebody is going to suffer.

“They are big boys. They should learn how to look after themselves.”

Danica Patrick added: “I liked it, I think he did a good job. There was enough room.

“Carlos should keep his head down. The best thing to do is to keep focused and just go past him.

“I think sometimes when you complain, or come on the radio, or get distracted in that way, it can take a little bit away.”

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