Sebastian Vettel's exit from the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday was not due to brake failure, it has been confirmed.

Vettel, who was leading the race in his Red Bull RB6, went out on lap 26 when a suspected brake failure pitched him off the road at Turn 13 and left him stranded in the gravel trap. However it has now been revealed that the brakes were not the issue.

A statement from Brembo read:

"With regard to the retirement of the Red Bull Racing's driver Sebastian Vettel during the Grand Prix of Australia, Brembo communicates that the cause of his exit in Turn 13 was not caused by the braking system supplied by Brembo, as some publications have reported.

"Red Bull Racing has confirmed that Sebastian Vettel retired from the Australian Grand Prix after the torque drive between the front left axle and wheel was lost.

"Post race investigations revealed the wheel nut was correctly tightened at the pitstop as well as other possible causes of the fault. The team has communicated that it's studying a number of solutions at present, which can be implemented for the Malaysian Grand Prix."