Michael Schumacher's Formula One comeback has yet to live up to the hype created by both fans and seasoned observers, and the German's lack of results has already prompted one bookmaker to offer odds against him returning to the top step of the podium in 2010.

It was heralded by the media as the comeback of the year, but on current form Michael Schumacher is struggling to make an impact and live up to his legendary status in Formula 1. It has already been made clear in the new season that even his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg has been drawing more plaudits. And the bookmakers at Austrian bet-taker Interwetten fully believe that nothing will change in the remaining races, responding to the seven-times champion's slow start by launching a special 'Schumi' bet.

"While Schumacher was away, the younger drivers haven't been sleeping - they have developed and made progress," explained head bookmaker Werner Reinwald, "So far Schumacher simply hasn't been fast enough."

The current odds that Schumacher will end 2010 without a win are 2.0, although Reinwald does add a note of caution for those looking to take up the offer of backing a winless season.

"Schumacher is an old warhorse that you should never write off and the season is still young," he warned, "The balance of power in F1 could easily change overnight, as we've already witnessed this season."

The odds available at Interwetten on one or more race wins for Schumacher this season are 1.7, but the 'special' Interwetten bet can be found HERE



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