Post-Brazil, there are now only four protagonists remaining who can lay claim to the hotly-contested, F1 2010 Drivers' World Championship title - in order of their current standing, Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton - but who will you be rooting for in Abu Dhabi?

Alonso is the man in the driving seat heading to Yas Marina, with the luxury of being able to finish second and still lift the laurels regardless of what any of his adversaries do, but if the two Red Bulls evince the same kind of scorching pace they had at Interlagos, Ferrari's talisman may find his task to clinch a third career crown rather more complicated.

What do you make of Fernando's season? Have you been impressed by his brilliantly consistent run of podium finishes over the second half - or have the events of Hockenheim left you with a sour taste in the mouth..?

Webber is just eight points adrift of the Spaniard, but even victory won't be enough for the popular Australian should Alonso finish second this weekend. When he has been on it this year, the oldest of the four contenders has been unbeatable - as his peerless triumphs in Monaco, Spain, Britain and Hungary ably demonstrate - but he has had 'off' days, too, and the one he endured in Korea may just turn out to have been a killer blow.

Mark has gained much support this year for his grace under pressure and no-nonsense approach to the way many feel Red Bull has treated him. In the autumn of his F1 career, this may also be his only real chance of achieving the ultimate prize - would you like to see him win it?

Or perhaps you feel Vettel deserves it more. Without a doubt the fastest man of F1 2010, with pole position in exactly half of the races and - but for unreliability - the young German would arguably have already had the championship sewn up by now. There are no doubts at all about the 23-year-old's raw speed and commitment, but the jury is still out to some extent as to his ability in traffic and mental attitude.

Is Sebastian ready to join the sport's greats, or does he have a little longer to wait yet in the light of his actions in Istanbul and at Spa-Francorchamps, do you think..?

Finally, there is Hamilton. The outsider of the quartet by some margin - needing to prevail in Abu Dhabi and effectively pray for Messrs. Alonso, Webber and Vettel to suffer some kind of ill-fortune - the one thing the McLaren-Mercedes star is and always will be is a fighter, and despite benefitting from what will likely be only the third-quickest car out there, the 2008 world champion can be counted upon to keep on pushing flat-out all the way to the chequered flag.

Do Lewis' gritty performances and sublime victories up against the odds this season make him a worthy title-winner for the second time in three years, or were his errors in Italy and Singapore sufficient cause to cost him the trophy...?

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