Red Bull Racing's chief technical officer Adrian Newey has said the team's 2011 car will be an evolution of the highly-successful Renault-powered RB6 and that the basic DNA will be maintained.

Although there will be a number of changes next season, with KERS returning and double diffusers banned, Newey hasn't felt the need to start with a clean sheet of paper when penning the design of the RB7.

"It is a further evolution of the current line. The DNA of the car is maintained," he told

"The RB6 was basically an evolution of the previous car - one basically transformed into the next."

As for how Red Bull's rivals will assess the RB7 and if they will again contest its legality, Newey added that he won't mind if that is again the case.

"I hope so! Because if that happens it will mean we have done a good job again. If you are at the front in F1, everyone always thinks you are cheating," Newey concluded.



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