FIA race director Charlie Whiting has revealed that the governing body is keeping a close eye on the new rear wing being used by Ferrari for the Spanish Grand Prix.

The FIA was due to speak to Ferrari overnight at Catalunya to discuss the revised wing, with concerns that slot gap separators on the part are illegal.

Whiting confirmed that a possible contravention of article 3.10.3 of the technical regulations was being examined, with Ferrari appearing to have taken a different interpretation of the rules in order to create the new part.

"We are aware of the development on the Ferrari rear wing and we are currently discussing it with Ferrari," he was quoted as telling reporters at Spanish Grand Prix. "It's a very clever interpretation of the rules and we've got to decide whether we think it's a good interpretation of the rules."

"[The seperators] are devices which are normally just vertical, two of them typically on each wing, which keep the distance between the profiles constant. These separators can't be more than 200mm's an alternative interpretation of that rule that we are currently discussing."

Whiting added that whether the part will continue to be used would depend on the outcome of discussions between the FIA and the team.



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