Rosberg coy on Pirelli 'gagging' order

Nico Rosberg says he and Pirelli have agreed to ensure better communication between the two parties in the future after recent confrontations.
Rosberg coy on Pirelli 'gagging' order

Nico Rosberg says his discussion with Pirelli over the course of the Italian Grand Prix was pointed towards ensuring there is better communication between drivers and the tyre firm, but refused to divulge whether he has been asked to keep criticism private.

Both Bernie Ecclestone and Paul Hembery alluded to the fact that drivers have been asked to go directly to Pirelli with their opinions following criticism from both Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel in the wake of tyre failures during the Belgian Grand Prix.

Leading to an investigation - which Pirelli said was down to circuit debris - and a meeting between Ecclestone, Pirelli and some drivers (Rosberg, Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso)at Monza, Rosberg says the primary objective was to ensure there is better communication going forward.

"It is just important because it is something that has been an issue in recent days. So much goes via the media, so it I important to get together and talk about it. I had a cut in Spa, which caused the blowout, then Sebastian also, so it was important to clarify everything and come up with a way to move forward.

"We all need to work together to ensure we improve. It is not one person, it is everybody together, because everybody can do better and we can all do a better job together. It was constructive with some improvements being proposed and those go in the right direction

Asked whether he has been reminded not to rebuke Pirelli in a public forum, Rosberg refused to confirm or deny it.

"I am not going to confirm that. We had a talk about how to go forward for everybody, because it has been a mess recently for different reasons so we had a chat and it was constructive. I am not going to confirm they said 'don't say anything' or whatever."

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